As I always have passions to learn and design website and blog, I encountered several challenges like time constraints, coping up with fastest growing technology, purchasing domain/hosting. Withstanding all those difficulties, I could come up a very descend site cum blog which might serve the following purposes and benefit all of us to keep sweet memories of all of us from this moment onwards.

  1. Improved Communication: A school website serves as a centralized hub for communication between students, parents, teachers, and the community. It can host important information such as school announcements, event calendars, newsletters, and contact details.
  2. Enhanced Accessibility: A website provides 24/7 access to essential school information. This means that parents and students can easily retrieve important resources, homework assignments, and announcements at any time, fostering a culture of self-sufficiency and independence in students. Additionally, it ensures that information is accessible to individuals with varying abilities, promoting inclusivity.
  3. Showcasing Achievements and Culture: A school website is an excellent platform to showcase the achievements, talents, and culture of your school. You can feature student accomplishments, highlight extracurricular activities, share photos and videos from events, and even publish student work. This not only boosts the school’s reputation but also instills a sense of pride among students, teachers, and parents.