Celebrating Happy Teacher’s Day

02/05/2024 0 Comments

Warm greetings to all the teachers and staff of Damphu CS. Blessed am I to see the countless students charming and innocent faces greeting and wishing us, forgetting all those scolding and beatings that we often shower on them. The grand and tedious preparation in MPH hall started 3 days ago started by school counsellors Somnath, Divya and rest of the captains. They toiled to make it a very beautifully decorated hall with delicate hands of love and affection as always, they do to us.

Today’s celebration had some added flavour of new special things to celebrate as we had introducing of our much awaited ‘THEME SONG’ of the school which was produced under the enthusiastic coordination of Lop Pema Wangdi with old(senior) student alumni of our school and few of our present teachers. The link to the theme song is attached here; free to view in youtube channel today 🙁DAMPHU CS THEME SONG (youtube.com))

The happiest day of teachers on 2nd May 2024 ended more happily and successfully with football and basketball games between teachers and students in the afternoon. The lunch prepared by the cooks and captains were truly the symbolic dishes of devotions to their beloved teachers.

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